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FinCE places a premium on quality education. FinCE works tirelessly to ensure that society has informed, ethical financial service and insurance professionals it can trust. Our continuing education courses are universally recognized as representing the highest standard in expertise and education. More than 5,000 professionals have learned and honed their craft here. What they have found is that in the complex world of financial services, the key to success is being better prepared than the competition. It’s why so many return to FinCE throughout their careers.


Why Choose Us

Whatever your goals, whatever your passion.

We believe that your education is never over. Whether you are just starting out in the financial services profession, looking to advance your earnings potential, or seeking greater career opportunities and satisfaction through specialization, we deliver premium financial services and insurance education options that are relevant, comprehensive, and convenient. We are dedicated to improving every facet of the financial services profession. FinCE continues to develop and deliver innovative programs that meet the needs of the changing financial landscape.


Put yourself on a path to greater success

Welcome to FinCE. We offer specialized education plans for financial professionals at all stages of their career. Our approach to learning is unique in higher education, both for course work that focuses heavily on real-world, practical application of knowledge, as well as an innovative approach to the classroom that allows you to learn in your way, at your own pace.

Our goal is to help motivated financial services professionals reach the next level in their careers. Continuing education from FinCE not only make you more capable, they make you more marketable.

If you’re not yet sure how to start, or how to continue your education at FinCE, read on. With a little bit of preparation we think you’ll find that it’s simpler than you might think and more valuable than you might know.